Aloha from Hawaii...  Nov.2012

...that would be 'THE BIG ROCK' as it is commonly referred to by locals; yet Google Earth also features Kailua Kona as 'Paradise' on the Sunshine Coast of the Big island of Hawaii.. the most Southern of this Hawaiian archipelago,  and more so these entire United States.

After an almost four year hiatus from life as I have known it following the passing of my beloved mate/partner and wife of 42 years - Mary- I now reside permanently in Kona, HI for the purpose of dedicating my remaining years to the completion of Losers/Weepers.. a novel my late wife inspired me to write; based on documented facts and personal experience conducting research on location for this priceless 'national treasure' still held -stolen WWII war booty- incl. its future return to the Wartburg Ruestkammer in Eisenach/Germany.

Much has transpired during the recent years and while I have spent 'On Location' time in Ukraine conducting research incognito helping the recovery of a priceless historic treasure; several of those missing items have also been located in St. Petersburg, RU. which I intent to publicize on this site with current photographs

Matters are getting heated as on numerous occasions this website has been seriously 'hacked' to bring it down; Ukrainian Yellow-bellies, on orders of a female Ukraine Historical Museum director the culprit, who previously organized to smuggle valuable Soviet War Booty (historic arms&armor, as well as priceless paintings abandoned after the demise of the Soviet Empire) via a Slovak mule to hock on the existing Black Market in the only individual knowing of these stored items deep underground in a Medieval Armory's caverns now a headquarter and realm in the heart of Lvov listed as the Ukraine Historical Museum

Finally, and settled in my new surroundings, I intent to focus on featuring new photographic evidence and details on this website, hoping ya'll return often!

Malama pono... and Mahalo nui for your return visit to this site.

Karlofgermany .. re-born and re-invigorated !!!!!

This page will soon be expanded with new photographic material...